Low self esteem often means a run to the food cupboard to trigger the self pleasure button. I know too well from personal experience just how easy it is to fill a tummy with chocolate to help release emotional pain.

Do you often find that when life gets too much be it the pressures at work, relationship difficulties or maybe just low self worth, your best friend becomes the chocolate bar?

I recommend you use weight loss hypnosis to help take back control and manage emotional eating. There are 3 primary strategies that a good weight loss hypnotherapist will use namely:-

Strategy 1: Create a ritual

The starting point is to break your cycle of emotional eating. It’s important to develop a ritual to break the cycle of your emotional eating. This may include a change in your body language, writing down your feelings in a book or simply taking yourself away from food itself. If you decide to work with a weight loss hypnotherapist they may also encourage you to text them when you play out your ritual, giving you additional support.

Strategy 2: Elevate your self esteem using weight loss hypnosis

Weight loss hypnosis is a very effective tool in helping you to increase your self esteem and confidence. A weight loss hypnotherapist will deliver what is commonly known in the hypnosis profession as ‘ego strengthening’. The weight loss hypnotherapist will deliver suggestions to your sub conscious mind that are aligned to strengthening your self confidence and self esteem. An increase in self confidence will enable you to rely less on food for comfort, as you begin to feel so much better about yourself. Usually the weight loss hypnotherapist will dissociate from your mind the ‘part’ responsible for your lack of self esteem, and then deliver positive suggestions into your subconscious mind that help embed a strong sense of self belief.

Strategy 3: Practical changes

As you become more confident you will feel braver to make changes in life. These changes may be vast and your weight loss hypnotherapist will continue to support you by embedding the self belief that you are more confident to make life changes. This may include changes in your relationships, changes at work and any other life change that is needed to help you reduce your reliance on food for comfort.


In 1955 the British Medical Association recognised hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Hypnosis for weight loss is fast becoming recognised as a preferred option to rigid diets given that people report losing weight with hypnosis is effective because it treats the mind; as we all know, it is the mind that determines our behaviour and actions around food.

Weight loss hypnosis is safe and you are always in control during a weight loss hypnosis session. You can check out some of my before and after results in the gallery.

Remember, you are too gorgeous to be fat.

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