How Weight Loss Hypnosis Can Help You Lose Weight

Do you find being in control of food tricky?

Are you finding your motivation is struggling?

Would you love to receive something that will kick start your weight loss?

What is Weight Loss Hypnosis?

Weight loss hypnosis is often misunderstood. People believe that the experience will be like having a general anaesthetic and they will lose control. The good news is that throughout the experience of weight loss hypnosis you will be fully in control and contrary to popular belief will not be asleep or ‘under’ as many people believe.

In fact weight loss hypnosis is all about helping you to enjoy a pleasant state of calm so that you gain a focused concentration on what you want to achieve. As a Hypnotherapist, when I work with clients using my weight loss hypnosis approach, I always make it clear that the client is the leader and will work with me to help them program their mind to increase their motivation and control over food so that they lose weight sensibly.

Where Does Weight Loss Hypnosis Work Best?

In summary weight loss hypnosis will help you to:

1. Control your portions so that you begin to eat less.

2. Increase your motivation so that you keep going.

3. Help to manage emotional eating by increasing your confidence.

4. Build your self esteem so that you eat less and eat better.

5. Excite your mind so you keep going and achieve your goal.

Does Weight Loss Hypnosis Alone Work?

Hypnosis is very successful in helping many people. However for hypnosis for weight loss to be really effective I always blend it with motivational coaching. In other words I make your weight loss hypnosis program a combination of hypnotherapy itself and coaching. This includes having regular contact with clients between their weight loss hypnosis sessions, and also setting and driving actions to help them achieve their goal.

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