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‘Steve do you do Weight Loss Hypnosis?’ I am asked this time and time again. People are often surprised when I explain, ‘yes, but with extras’. I’m not sure why they ask because I have always advocated that weight loss hypnosis sessions are not enough to help someone lose weight and keep it off. Sure they help a lot, however there are other things that need to happen.


Yes, Weight Loss Hypnosis can help hugely but I recommend you do the following 12 extra things to help ensure you lose weight, but more to the point keep the weight off. Sorry if I have ruined any thoughts that you may have had thinking Hypnosis was a magic wand. It just isn’t. But of course it helps. Anyhow, without waffling on, I encourage you to implement the following 12 additional actions to help you lose that unwanted weight.


1. Let go of any past issues that are making you stay fat. Give yourself permission right now to let go of past experiences that lead you to eat food for comfort. Mentally draw that line. Write out a letter saying goodbye to those past issues. Sounds a little crazy perhaps but it helps. Letting go of the past is important for many reasons. The ghosts haunt you and they love to stick around making you feel bad. Let them go. Now! It really doesn’t have to be some kind of long drawn out process either. Let it out, release it and then massively affirm that you are renewed and can now move on successfully.

2. Write out a number of warning signs designed to make you stop caving into temptation. Make them emotive and place them in the ‘danger zones’. Seriously, make them strong, humorous and even cutting. I recommend you avoid woo woo type warning signs as they do little to motivate you. You need to really ‘feel it’ when you read them. And write them using red and black coloured marker pens. Remember, make them so strong that each time you see them you move on and ignore the tease of food.

3. Build a routine designed to keep your mind active. We eat when we are bored so be sure to bring in ‘stuff’ that occupies your mind. You see, as well as the muscles of your body being exercised, the muscle of your mind needs that too. Building extra mind stimulation will help prevent you from eating too much. Use as many distraction techniques as possible to keep your mind firmly away from food.

4. Every day whilst losing the weight, look at the clothes you will be wearing when you are slim. Touch them, try them on regularly and visualise yourself wearing them. Consider hanging those clothes up and eating in front of them. They will motivate you to eat less, hence controlling your portion. You might also want to consider hanging an item of clothing you want to wear in every room. These will act as superb motivational Weight loss props.

5. Become more selfish. Let go of feeling guilty. Ignore the demands of others if you don’t want to meet them. You have a life and you deserve to enjoy it. If you are one of those people that caves into the demands of others I want you to stop doing that right away. And yes, no need to feel guilty. By doing this you will soon find people treat you with a lot more respect. It’s your life so live it, your way.

6. Walk more. Briskly as is safe and possible. Not only is walking great for weight loss, it pumps out those endorphin chemicals. That’ll make you feel even more determined to wave goodbye to Fat for good. I also find walking is great to clear the head and it is one of those exercises where you can do it for pleasure rather than pain.

7. Live life following my 80-20 meal planning regime. This makes life so much easier when losing weight. Simply think about what you are eating and drinking right now. Then review it. Once you have done this adjust things a little so that you start eating well 80% of the time and eating a bit of what you fancy for the remaining 20%. Of course you need to manage the portions too. One idea is to look at your ‘fat photo’ whilst you eat! As you look at it, affirm that you are delighted to be eating less so that you begin to live the slimmer life.

8. Do one thing every day that stretches your confidence. If you feel better about yourself then food and drink will lose its power over you. Think of a few tasks that give you a kind of ‘ouch’ factor. They don’t have to be huge, just tasks that will take you out of your comfort zone a little. Then do them, one by one. Once you have completed them, mentally congratulate yourself. Affirm the new found confidence. Making this a regular habit will increase your self confidence and self esteem, meaning you rely less on food for comfort.

9. Deliberately experience and work through fake hunger. People are often too fat because they cave in to fake hunger. Think of it like this. If you are craving food, ask yourself is it real hunger or fake? If it’s fake then do a distraction technique and allow yourself to experience the hunger, and move on. One of the biggest reasons people are too fat is because they cave into fake hunger. Once you have worked through the fake hunger, mentally congratulate yourself. Allow this process to become a habit and let the weight loss hypnosis strengthen your ability to make it happen.

10. As soon as you get out of bed, walk tall, slap on a smile and affirm control over food knowing you are slimming down. That immediate routine when you get up out of bed sets you up for the day. You can also do self hypnosis for weight loss first thing in the morning if you have the time, as this will provide additional motivation and help to set your mind up to control your eating habits for the day ahead.

11. Deliberately look at fat people. Let their habits motivate you to do the reverse. Ok, might sound a bit cruel but it’s not. You aren’t judging the person. You are judging their habits. Those fat habits are unhealthy and you should allow them to create an aversion in your mind to being too fat. Look at what they eat, how fast they eat and the eagerness to order more. Affirm mentally that you have the control over food and those habits you observe are firmly in the past for you.

12. Plant subconscious images of yourself slimmer by experiencing yourself slimmer in your mind. When you do this allow the excitement to be present. Mentally experience compliments being sent your way and experience the immense feelings of self esteem and confidence. You don’t have to have your eyes closed to do this. Just think about it and let it be one of your daily motivational habits.


So, in addition to weight loss hypnosis sessions you should also consider taking some of the actions I have outlined above. But yes, Weight Loss Hypnotherapy can certainly help you on your way to being slimmer. Be selective in who you work with. It’s important to find a Weight Loss Hypnotherapist who is experienced and results driven. I also recommend you don’t go cheap. The best will often charge higher fees and I suspect that you will get what you pay for.

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