How Weight Loss Hypnosis Stops You Overeating


One of the major reasons many people become too fat is because their eating habits are out of control. Food is arguably a drug, and one that many are addicted to so it is no wonder people often eat too much.

Weight loss hypnosis can help you reduce your food intake by reconditioning your mind. Specifically this means that the Weight Loss Hypnotherapist will work with you to:-

1. Dissociate the trigger that is causing you to overeat.

2. Embed new eating habits into your subconscious mind.

3. Increase your self esteem and self confidence so that you rely on food less for comfort.

Weight Loss Hypnosis Techniques

A skilled Weight Loss Hypnotherapist will use a range of techniques to help you regain control over your eating habits. This may include:-

– Direct suggestions to reduce over eating. Here the Hypnotherapist delivers strong commands to your subconscious mind.

– Clever visualisation techniques that help your subconscious mind begin to understand that things are changing and you are now eating less.

– Subconscious dissociation of the habits you want to let go of, so that you eat less.

Weight Loss Hypnosis – Out Of Trance Techniques

One of the other techniques I use with clients is out of formal trance, weight loss hypnotic motivators. Whilst formal weight loss hypnosis (with your eyes closed) is important, the Weight Loss Hypnotherapist should also coach you in out of trance motivation techniques.

How Many Session Are Needed?

This really does differ client to client. I tend to see clients for 6 sessions or 12 sessions via Skype. Some of those sessions include formal weight loss hypnosis; some are more coaching based.

If you are finding that mindset and sustained motivation are your major challenges when it comes to weight loss, I recommend you consider weight loss hypnosis to help you move forward. That combined with motivation and will power will help drive you to your desired result.

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