Weight Loss Hypnosis – How Does It Really Work?


Joanne lost 5 stone and 11lbs using a combination of Hypnotherapy and Motivational Coaching Techniques

There is rarely a day passes when I am not asked how hypnosis for weight loss works?

I can even recall my parents asking me the question about how my passion for weight loss hypnosis helped people to get the outcome they really wanted.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy can be defined as an altered state of conscious alertness. In other words you are neither asleep nor awake. You are in fact relaxed, calm, and contrary to popular belief you are always in control. It has to be one of the most pleasant experiences.

Weight Loss Hypnosis – The Process

When clients visit me I always begin by explaining the process of hypnosis for weight loss.

I explain 3 straightforward points which I will share with you:

1. The goal of the hypnosis for weight loss is to help your mind gain control over your eating habits. In other words the hypnosis for weight loss will help you to eat less and eat better because the hypnosis will help to embed these positive new habits.

2. The  weight loss hypnosis treatment will also help to motivate your mind. In other words help to ensure your mind is excited, determined, and driven to achieve your goal.

3. The process of the hypnosis for weight loss will include using a range of what we call hypnotherapeutic mind programming processes. This may include helping your mind to experience what life will be like having lost the unwanted weight. Sometimes it may mean helping you to get the part of your mind that is responsible for controlling the amount you eat, to become stronger so that you eat less.

Weight Loss Hypnosis – It Builds Your Motivation

Is your real issue about not having the motivation to lose weight and keep going? If so weight loss Hypnosis is incredibly motivational when conducted by an experienced and inspiring hypnotherapist.

When working with my clients I place a lot of emphasis on motivation as this is what most people are seeking to help them lose weight. When your mind is excited and motivated your ability to lose weight and keep it off is increased fourfold.

Weight Loss Hypnosis – What happens between sessions?

It is important to be supported between the hypnotherapy sessions for the weight loss so that the new habits can be formed. Hypnosis for weight loss is all about habit changing so keeping in touch with clients in between the sessions is helpful. I offer my clients email and text support so that they are further motivated and encouraged to adopt the new habits.

Weight Loss Hypnosis – Working with Steve Miller

I am often asked how people can work with me and what my style is like. In summary I like to work with my client closely so that we become a team.

Our teamwork is important and it also makes the process exciting rather than ‘hard work’. Of course I will also help you to ditch anything that stands in your way so that you can get the weight loss result you want.

I now work with people either face to face on a 1-1 basis, or if you live some distance away I use Skype or telephone.

If you want to enquire about working with me then you can look in detail at the 6 week Advanced Coaching and Hypnotherapy Hypnosis Weight Loss programme that I offer by following the link below:

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Email: hello@stevemillerhypnotherapy.co.uk


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