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Here is a summary of Steve’s Weight Loss products available to purchase right here on Weight Loss Master! Also below are Steve's latest books which are now available to buy in the UK online or at your favourite Book Stores, Amazon, WH Smiths and Waterstones.


How Not To Be A Massive Fatty >>

Do You Want To Avoid Rigid Diets And Lose Weight Naturally?

Are You Looking To Be Inspired By One of My Clients Who Lost 10 Stone Living This Way?

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Only £21


Mind Over Fatter – Crush Emotional Eating >>

Are you fed up of eating too much because of emotional eating?

Do you find you eat too much junk food because of emotional eating?

Would you like to have a tool that can help control emotional eating?

$15 - Click here to view more

Only £12


Booze Buster >>

Do you find drinking too much alcohol is harming your weight loss?

Would you like to take control of the alcohol so you drink less of it?

Do you want something that will help motivate you to do just this?

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Weight Loss Whip Audio >>

My Weight Loss Whip Is Here To Give It To Your Straight & Help You To:-

1. Stop faffing about and take action immediately to lose weight.

2. Drive your staying power to lose all the unwanted weight.

3. Ditch the unwanted fat and avoid piling it back on again.

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Self Hypnosis Tool Kit >>

Does your mind need to be focused a lot better to lose weight?

Would you like to program your own mind to lose the unwanted weight?

Do you want a system that can be used to increase your control over food?

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Only £21


Steve Miller’s Slimming Secrets >>

Are you tired of faddy diets and weight-loss schemes that don’t work? Don’t despair! Steve Miller is here to show you that losing weight doesn’t have to be an uphill struggle – it can be simple and exciting instead. Drawing on his own experience, Steve introduces you to his easy methods of how to lose weight through lifestyle change. Importantly, this blueprint for living will ensure that not only will you shed the pounds but that you will keep them off too. This no-nonsense, straight-talking book guides you through a number of slimming secrets, showing you how to:

  • Identify your personal motive for losing weight
  • Change your mindset to enable you to resist temptation
  • Adopt the 80/20 rule: eat well 80% of the time and you can still have treats 20% of the time.
  • Develop the habits of a successful slimmer It also gives basic nutrition, easy meal planning and simple cooking – inlcuding meals for all the family. Now there’s no excuse not to lose weight and keep it off for good!
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7 Secrets of Confidence >>

7 SECRETS OF CONFIDENCE is a no-nonsense, easy-to-use guide to overcoming your inner fears.

Full of encouraging, step-by-step advice, this book is here to help you build your self-belief – learning to have confidence is at the heart of the Steve Miller brand.

What sets Steve’s book apart in this genre is that he has personally commissioned a survey to discover the top things people in the UK feel unconfident about. These form the structure of the book, and straight-talking Steve tells you what to DO about each one.  Invaluable, informative, funny and life-changing, 7 SECRETS OF CONFIDENCE is the empowering new book from GMTV regular Steve Miller – it will bring out the successful and confident person in everyone.

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