Why I may dump “Weight Loss” For “Weight Control

Why I prefer “weight control”

I reflected lots as I worked with clients last weekend and concluded that I have an issue with the term “weight loss”. This isn’t me being pedantic, but what strikes me is that everyday language is so focused on the words “weight loss” which for many infers short term measures, and even crash diets. Instead, I want to encourage the term “weight control” which is far more concerned with longevity, in other words keeping the excess weight off once it has gone.

Many still look at ditching fat as a “diet” rather than developing a mind set to control so called “junk foods”. But what is true, is that you can still reduce your weight and eat some of this supposedly bad stuff. Let’s face it, would you really never want to eat donuts, crisps, chocolates, burgers, chips, take away, and muffins ever again? I for one would never want to ditch these, and I would certainly never give up my wine! When people gain control over food and alcohol they keep the excess weight off forever. In other words those that maintain a slim shape, still eat such treats, but they control how much of them they eat. The word “control” is what really matters.

Why diets for me taste bad

I will never advocate restricted diets because I believe they are like straightjackets. And I would love to take away the common myth that if you are seen eating a bit of so called junk food you are being “naughty!” This just isn’t true! Instead, once the mind is programmed with new eating and lifestyle habits you automatically eat less, eat better, and move more. It is for that reason that years ago I decided to train in clinical hypnosis, and today as well as advising on the 80-20 rule of eating, I help my clients re-program their thoughts at the unconscious level so they achieve their goal. For me the best way of helping clients is via strong motivational coaching and clinical hypnotherapy.

How to get the weight off your mind

Clinical hypnotherapy works at a deep level. When working with a practitioner you will begin to change your eating habits by changing your thought process. But don’t think it is an easy fix! You still have to put the work in and agree to carry out the homework tasks in between each session. And for me, as you probably know, I allow no excuses, because excuses are the poison that will prevent your weight from dropping.

The initial session

Clients initially book an introductory session with me so we can both see if the process is right. At this session a client case history is taken, goals are set, excuses are ditched, and a meal plan using the 80-20 rule is provided. I also stress that if we work together and weight loss does not take place each week then I will terminate the process. This ground rule acts as an additional motivator for clients.

Sometimes, and where appropriate at the initial session, I will also teach clients how to use self hypnosis. Clients are also given a few homework tasks to get them started on the journey. The fee for the initial session is £120.00.

The next 3 sessions

If we decide to move forward clients normally attend 3 sessions and may book all 3 sessions at a discounted rate of £297.00 in total. These sessions include hypnotherapy and coaching working with me on a one to one basis.

The focus at all three sessions is on building control around food using the power of the mind, lifestyle change, and introducing new eating habits. In addition we will agree a range of motivational strategies to increase the focus of weight control for the long term.

What to do if you want to know more

If you want to know more email me at hello@stevemillerhypnotherapy.co.uk

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